Messestände geo • die Luftwerker
Project ACO / Air-filled ceiling / 2011
Photo: Stefan Röhler

Messestände geo • die Luftwerker
Project: CeBIT 2014, Deutsche Telekom AG
Framework and Architecture: q-bus Mediatektur GmbH

Aeronautics products » Inflatable fair booths

Inflatable fair booths are elements that can be inflated and are produced for fairs and exhibitions with balloon construction techniques. Made in the shape of walls, igloos, columns, counters etc., they create a special atmosphere. They can be flexibly utilized, are easy to set up and take down and, due to their modular construction, can be adjusted to new spatial conditions if there are subsequent uses.

Special effects can be achieved with modern digital printing and illumination techniques. You only require a power source for using them professionally.