inflatables geo • die Luftwerker
Photo: Wolfgang Volz

Inflatables geo • die Luftwerker
Art project Orangerie castle Rheda, Miriam Jonas / 2013
Photo: Miriam Jonas

Inflatables geo • die Luftwerker

Aeronautics products » Inflatables

Inflatable advertising items in various forms and sizes, which are inflated via an electrically-driven fan and kept in the desired shape. The cold-air units are manufactured as classical balloon shapes or in any other form requested by you according to the quality standards that we use in the field of aeronautics technology. On request the units can be illuminated.

What distinguishes inflatables from normal advertising surfaces?

  • The observer sees a three-dimensional body
  • They can be used for indoor and outdoor areas
  • They are quick to set up and take down without technical know-how and therefore flexibly usable in the available space

When and where are these cold-air displays utilized? E.g. at:

  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Events
  • Promotion tours
  • Sales events
  • Major events, and
  • On buildings and vehicles

Balloon shape

Cold-air balloons have a classical balloon shape. They can be produced in various sizes. The advertising message is digitally printed on the surface or is made of material sewn on.

Special shapes

Specially produced shapes can be, for instance, product images true to the original forms but also fantasy shapes of any kind. As a rule the shape is developed in such a way that it already contains the advertising message. However, lettering, wording, slogans and texts can be placed on them.
We are specialized in the manufacture of such advertising displays and we place the highest value on the excellent processing of these products. Depending on the requested application we use specially coated fabrics such as polyester and nylon. The goal set for the project determines the decision on the materials used. All the fabrics are coated in order to be air-tight and to guarantee the stability requested.

Do you have a particular idea? Then feel free to contact us.

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