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Let these astonishingly mobile inflatables dance for your advertising.

An extremely light but stable fabric is set in motion over a fan. The air-dancers are not so much inflated as kept in motion by the air-stream. That is why they are open at the top so that the air blown into them can flow out unhindered. Jerky figures get a lot of attention and gain a positive impact. They are particularly effective where there is no space available for large advertising displays.

When is an air-dancer utilized? E.g. at:

  • Entrance points when opening a new business
  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • External sales areas

What can air-dancers look like?

  • Two-legged figures
  • One-legged figures
  • Inflatable tubes
  • Other shapes and forms

Do you have any special wishes? We will be glad to advise you.