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Aeronautics technology » Maintenance / repair

In our certified maintenance shop we carry out all sorts of repair work on hot-air balloons. Our trained experts are specialized in repairing burn damage and tears, the complete replacement of porous areas, the installation of turning vents and the renewal of the envelopes arachutes of all types of balloons. On request we also remove, modify and renew any artwork.

Professional maintenance, repair and cleaning of burners is just as much a part of our service portfolio as the production of REGO / TEMA burner hoses, T-connectors and filling adapters.

Basket repairs in our workshop include:

  • Basketwork
  • Renewal of floor panels and basket runners
  • Renewal of basket wires
  • Overhauling of basket frames
  • Renewal of basket connections
  • Splicing of synthetic and hempex ropes
  • Leather work
  • Basket restoration

Maintenance and overhauling of inflation fans, improvement of the air-flow and installation of propeller protection mechanisms complete the range of services offered.