Welcome at geo • Die Luftwerker!

There are always a variety of reasons for doing something. One of these is enthusiasm. Our airworker team is united by many years of passion for hot-air and gas balloons and their technology. That is what geo stands for as a technical aeronautics company with sales, repair and maintenance activities.

Since that time we have been fascinated by everything with which air can be reshaped:
Large-format advertising banners, inflatables, air-dancers, scenery and backdrops for theatres, museums and television not forgetting trade-fair booths and stands. We design and manufacture for our customers and position the company image just right.

Every product comes into being in our state-of-the-art equipped workshop and does not leave the company until a subsequent quality control has been done. The maintenance operations and aeronautics company are LBA certified.

Just allow your imagination to take flight and with us reshape the lightest element into the space for your dreams or place your advertising in the skies.