Talking about us

Aeronauts and aeroworkers are adventurers. They are curious, eager for knowledge and full of passion. They are not satisfied with what others have already experienced. Their drive is to discover something new and to develop what has already been discovered still further. Adventures in the air, however, need a particularly close connection to quality, for that alone decides about fun or risk in the air.

We have been running a registered aeronautics company in Lübeck since the middle of the nineties and since 2002 also managing a balloon repair station recognized by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. Since then we have been up and about in the air and have been testing airworthiness of balloons on the ground. Our competence is space enveloped by air which we have conquered since then in other fields as well. We have a team of engineers, technicians and trained specialists working on this.

On the basis of our know-how and quality pretensions we sew inflatable objects of every size and shape for our customers.

"The Greatest Moon on Earth" in the Oberhausen Gasometer
Photo: Wolfgang Volz

Give us the space and we will create fascinating forms and figures out of air that will suit every situation and location.