Model Balloons

The little Balloons become more and more popular, among others because one can hardly distinguish them from their ?big brothers?!

Model balloons are computer-constructed and completed with color and advertisements. Spectators and especially children love them because of their lovely cute shape.

The material we are using for the Models is the same we use for regular Hot-Air Balloons.There is no official license needed to fly those balloons, therefore they haven?t got an official certificate. Spinnaker 70g/m² white and Nomex is the material we usually process for Models. You can order them in many standard colors and/or with digital printings. A handcrafted basket with a Nubuck handrail, propane cylinders, double burner and remote control are part of the package in order to imitate the genuine look and feel of a Hot-Air Balloon. A Model Balloon with standard shape has a volume of 80 m³, special shapes 100 m³ and more. You can see them from a long distance in the air.

Challenge the Luftwerker team with your individual idea. Before we start manufacturing you can of course admire the draft three-dimensional on the Computer.

See below some photos of model balloons all constructed and manufactured in Lübeck. All photos geo-Die Luftwerker.

Modellballon Active volume 110 m³ plus arms and legs
Modellballon Active volume 80 m³ plus ears and trunk.