Welcome to our new AIRSHIP division!

As of 2016 we have been providing both CAMO plus services and maintenance for hot air balloons and for hot air airships. Since Cameron Balloons Ltd. has taken over the airship business for AS 105 GD/4 and /6 last year, we are also authorised dealer of CAMERON for both divisions now. Hence we can help our customers to find the right object, shape and design for their business. We can even simulate the prospect design on the screen such that our customer can see and feel the positive impact of the advertising message right away.

The hot air airship with its tremendous size and advertising area is an ideal choice for those businesses which plan to bring their message up in the air at a particular place not necessarily with passengers. However, the airship other than a balloon thanks to a drive motor and rudder system can be steered like an aeroplane right to the spot the customer wants it to be, cruising there over the heads of the prospect customer for some time.

All types of repair and maintenance work are done exclusively by our technical skilled staff in our first-class equipped workshop.

Furthermore, geo offers all kinds of advertising banners what enables the airship customer to change the message whenever it is needed. Due to the precise measurement, print, material and confection the banner finally matches like a corset to the airship envelope.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or an appointment. We also invite you to join a hot air airship meeting during the year where you can see an airship on tour.

Technical Data 4-Seater Airship AS 105 GD/4

Volume3,000 m³
Length41.0 m
Diameter12.8 m
Take Off Massmax. 900 kg
CrewPilot Pilot plus 3 Passengers
Flying TimeAppr. 1.0 h
Max. SpeedAppr. 40 km/h
Envelope MaterialHyperlast
Burner2x Cameron Shadow
Motor Rotax5582 UL, 65 HP
Propeller HelixH50F, 4-Blatt, CfK
Radio e.g. DittelKRT2
Flight Instrument Flytec3040
Transponder e.g. GarrechtAvionik Mode S